Welcome to my music page.
On this page, you will see music from different times and different genres. These songs are also related to African American history in one or more ways. It could be the call and response, the beat, genre and many different ways. The songs on my profile are interesting to me, so I hope that you will enjoy them and find more ways thats they relate to African American History. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

Jennifer Lopez
Song: All I have (2003)
Genre: Pop
Synopsis: This relates to African American history because of the call and response that is going on between the two artists. The call and response are the lyrics that each they are saying to each other.


http:// www.metrolyrics.com/all-i-have-lyrics-jennifer-lopez.html

Artist:Bob Marley
Song: Get up Stand up (1973)
Genre: Reggae
Synopsis: This song relates to African American History because it talks about how you should stand up for you rights and not to give up no matter what happens, and slaves have tried to fight off slavery, and they did not give up. Also because Bob Marley is from Jamacia, but he combines African American beats into his music.


Artist: Abdou Salam
Song: Dunia Labari
Genre: African
Synopsis: This relates to African American History because they use a certain drum that is called a djembe. Also because the singer is African and so are the lyrics to the song. They also have a call and response which was started by African Americans.