Rosa Parks

By: Rumman Haq

It was December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama when Rosa Parks was arrested because she refused to give up her seat to a white man after a tired and weary day at work. This was not a significant act at that time, but it turned into one because of Parks’ decision to not back down when asked to move. Rosa Park’s actions proved that she supported integrationism and equality. Integrationism is the combination of educational and other public facilities, previously segregated by race, into unified systems shared by all races. Equality is the quality of being the same in quantity, measure, value or status. Rosa Parks supported integrationism and equality because of the actions she committed on the bus against the white man, the bus boycott, and the court proceedings because of the broken law.
Because Parks continued to fight for her seat after various authorities asked her to move to the back, she was arrested. That showed that Rosa Parks wanted to be created and treated as an equal because she found it unfair that the white man could sit where he wants and she could just let him sit in her seat. She was quoted to have said, “Our mistreatment was just not right, and I was tired of it”. Parks believed that all
races or ethnicities should be treated equally and she wouldn’t be treated as an equal if she got arrested just because she refused to give up her seat on a bus. She was tired of all the inequality that was going in the environment against black people so she took a step for it.
Rosa Parks arrest was what triggered the Montgomery bus boycott. She continued to lead her people, which showed that integration was one of her huge desires. Parks knew that once she was sent to jail all the black people of Montgomery, Alabama boycotted the bus routes. All the blacks of Montgomery, Alabama integrated and refused to travel on the bus. Rosa Parks was supporting the boycott fully because she knew that would help African American’s receive the equal rights they wished for. If she didn’t care about the integration of all people and equality, she would have never refused to give up her seat and would have tried to stop the people from boycotting the bus. Rosa Parks knew that this was her chance for the integrating of blacks. Rosa Parks brought the African American’s together and that showed her beliefs of integrationism and her desire to fight for her equal rights even after being put in jail.
Rosa Parks was arrested for breaking the Jim Crow Laws, which stated that black people were not allowed to sit with white people on the bus. Rosa Parks knew that she was given a chance of a lifetime because she was the cause of the bus boycott and she
knew that somebody needed to take a step for their equal rights. Parks brought her case to Supreme Court. Her case lead to the integration of African Americans not just in Montgomery, Alabama, but all across the United States. The Parks case was so huge that it was taken to Supreme Court and not many African Americans were eligible to have their cases taken to the Supreme Court. Parks just taking the case to court just showed how bad she wanted equality in our country. A year later, the law that stated that black people weren’t allowed to sit with white people was erased. The Parks court proceedings won their case and Rosa’s desire of integration and equality came true because African Americans could be treated as an equal and were able to sit anywhere they wanted on the bus. She was proud because the court proceedings also the brought the integration of all people.
Rosa Parks once said, “I would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity of all people.” Parks didn’t only have to say that she wanted equity but her actions proved to us that integrationism and equality were one of her huge desires. She knew that one day someone was going to have to stand up for him or herself and be able to fight for their equal rights so she took risk and refused to give up her seat on the bus which lead to the Montgomery boycott and brought the integration of African Americans. The boycott led to the court proceedings, which also integrated blacks and many white people because they were all finally able to sit together on the bus. Rosa Parks’s actions and beliefs showed the great amount of aspiration she had about equality and integrationism. Rosa Parks’s risk was a huge step into fighting against segregation.