The Pennsylvania Abolitionist Society

By: Lauren Mobly

The Abolitionist Society started in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. It started in the year of 1775 at the Rising Sun Tavern. About 10 Quakers discussed what they could do to help the African slaves. From that point on they spent many hours every day planning on how to make things better for the enslaved blacks. They always had a goal of making things better, always helping others. Over the next couple of years, they managed to gather over 2,000 abolitionist members. The members were not all white but also free blacks too. The Abolitionist Society is a good example of integration because they were whites that started the group to help African Americans become educated and become free and to have a normal life. In fact, they encouraged Benjamin Franklin to free his two slaves. From then on they made people realize the importance of freedom, equality, and community all while maintaining the Abolitionist Society.
The Quakers had many beliefs and wanted to make changes. They had almost like their own constitution to follow. Part of their philosophy was to, “ Use such means as are in their power to extend the blessings of freedom to every part of the human race,” this means that every race should have same amount of opportunities, not having guidelines to different races. The Quakers stood for peace, justice, and sustainability as much as possible. Their commitment to all humans is an example of integration.
There was many ways the Abolitionist Society tried to help and make things better. But, one way was the education. After they spent many tries to free the slaves. The slaves were free, free man or women. They all had to do is get a job. A job? How can you get job with no education and when blacks aren’t allowed to go to school with whites? The Abolitionist Society still didn’t lose hope. In 1830 with the help of Richard Allen and Absalom Jones, started a school for African American children. Richard Allen was a former slave. He had a very interesting story he worked himself out of slavery. He came to Philadelphia to find job opportunities. He found the Abolitionist Society and became a member. Finding other ways to help African Americans and giving them an education is an example of integration.
The Society did many things and tried to make things change. They did this by getting laws passed. In 1780, they passed a law that promised slavery’s gradual demise in Pennsylvania: all slaves born after that date would be free at age 28. Pennsylvania became the place to be if you wanted to find freedom. George Washington became PAS president in 1787. While he was the president of the society he helped them to gain official incorporation. Franklin also came to see abolitionism as part of a momentous change sweeping through western society. Sending letters around the world to other people, telling them about the PAS is an example of integration.
These examples could go on of the good the PAS did. You can see that they have made change. Change to extend the blessings of freedom to every part of the human race. The Quaker philosophy, education change and laws are all the proof of integration.