Barack Obama

By: Darnell Sample

In this essay I will be talking about Barack Obama. Barack Obama is trying to integrate America. He is for integration. He wants to bring families together and make a better place for us to live. Here I will prove why.

First he will pull troops out of Iraq. He will do that by withdrawing one to two combat brigades each month. In 16 months all of the combat brigades will be out of Iraq. A few will stay to protect the U.S property there incase Al Qeada tries to attack. Also he’s going to try to make a truce with Iraq. Firstly he will communicate with Iraq’s leaders to let them know that they are leaving. After that he will request for at least 2 billion dollars to fix Iraq and the people who lost their houses during the war.

Next he will try to end poverty. For him to be able tom do that he will expand access to jobs. In order for Obama to do tat he will invest in 1 billion dollars over five years so that low income Americans can be successful in corporate America.

Finally he will bring families closer. Yes that sounds like its impossible to do but here’s how he going to do it. For years families have fallen apart because of their jobs. He will provide a living wage, expand income tax, and expand flexible work arrangements along with many other things.

That’s how Barack Obama is for integration. And those are just a few things how. Barack Obama for intergration. Obama for president 08!

For a lot of people Obama gives them hope. Hope for change
And not experience.

Obama in front of the Capitol