Huey P. Newton

By: Shanice Braxton

Huey P. Newton was one of the founders and leaders of the Black Panthers Party. For those who think he was intergrationist, you’re on the right track. For those who think he was separatist you’re also close. He was both an intergrationist and separationist. Newton was involved with crime, the Black Panthers, and comunity assistance.

During 1966, Huey hooked up with his friend Bobby Seale and formed the Black Panthers Party. This group was initially established to protect communities from police brutality and racism, but it eventually became a Marxist revolutionary group. This party fought for equal rights, but was an all black group. The Black Panthers had many conferences in several cities. They were harassed by the police, and many of the members were involved in several shootouts which lead to Huey’s imprisonment.
w_newton_stender_radiant.jpg(Huey Newton talking at a conference)

Newton was wounded and while he was spending his time in the hospital, he was charged with killing a police officer. In 1968, he was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. He was sentenced 2 to 15 years in prison. After two trials ended the State of California dropped the case against Newton.
( In prison after the murder of an police officer)

In 1971 Newton traveled to China and met Chou En-Lai. When he returned to the U.S. he ordered all Panthers to put down the guns and serve the people. The Panthers set up a “free breakfast for children,” a program which served meals to students in San Francisco schools. He also included free medical clinics and helping the homeless.

Huey Newton was sadly killed by a drug dealer, while walking along in the streets of Oakland.


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