This represents the integration between the two gangs.

The Blood and Crips have been the most notorious gangs in Los Angles since the summer of 1970. Their gangs have spread around the world. They are known for selling drugs, being involved in gang wars, killings, and are involved in other types of crime sprees. Theses battles have going on for years. These gangs don’t sound like they are helpful. However, the two gangs have different reasoning for doing so. Initiation type’s, different perspective on gang rules, and different gangs coming together for certain causes. The three things may have something to do with Integration V. Separation between the two gangs and even though they are the two most notorious, they may have different perspective then just crimes.
Initiation is a big role in being in any gang. It plays a very big role in integration your inviting another race or gender into your group. The Crips are really about integration because in the 1970’s a lot of racism was about in the United States. African American and other races wanted to get together to stand up for there rights, but being in a gang you always have rivalries. As said when he was discussion blood and Crips gang, “One of the things is that every gang has a rival with another gang.” The little bit of separation, but it is not about ethnicity or other types of feature it mostly about where you came from and can you relate to the gangs lives.
Racism is another big role with the two gangs. Both gang started around the late 1940’s to 1950’s, so a lot of racism was very active. These gangs start after World War II was over and the Bloods and Crips started to make an entrance when Caucasians were taking over by putting more cops on the streets. Integration plays a part because when they started putting these cops on the street things got tense in African American Community so they thought they had to stick together. They come up with “posse” that eventually grew larger and made gang such as the Bloods and Crips. Most people say that racism was not the cause of the gangs, but Bloods and Crips started out as all black gangs and in the 1940-1970 racism was the biggest thing on America’s mind.
Lastly, when things go wrong, not just in gangs, but also in the outside world sometimes gangs and clubs have to come together and stand up for their rights. United States knows that the Bloods and Crips have very different perspectives on gang life. However, starting in the early 1960’s-1970, political views on gangs were very different. When the Bloods and Crips became big, Los Angles thought it was time to get cops on the street and get Black groups such The Black Panthers away from politics. The gangs thought it was time to come together to stop the cops from harassing African Americans all over the Los Angles. The Bloods and Crips united for a couple of years after the politics calmed down, but the new generation override and went back to old way and started being a two sided gang again. The integration of these two gangs to become equal in a crisis like politics was a way to step up and show government that African Americans can come together and stick up for their race.
In Conclusion, the Bloods and Crips have shown themselves to be more than just some bad gangsters. They show traces of integration through the years of being in a gang. Know separation is also a big role for these two gangs not liking others. However, they showed their other side and showed politics and other types a govemrent that they can come up for important and sometimes historical causes.