Separate But Not Equal
AKA Separate But equal

Separate But Equal was a separatist ideal because it encouraged separating whites and blacks was a good decision but this is wrong. It caused wrong hateful slurs to be passed around and an idea that everyone is better off separate. But I will show you how this is wrong. The schools and water fountains created in that time were only made for each race and they couldn’t mix.

There were a lot of places that only catered to the white race. These places made it so much harder on the black race. There were white only water fountains, Restaurants, and the worst were schools because the started so much tension between children. These places were met with a lot of backlash from the black race; blacks combated these areas with sit-ins and sometimes violence.

After awhile “Brown Vs Board Of Education Occurred” This was combating the white only places on a political level. Oliver L. Brown brought this up. He Stated that the law was complete unconstitutional. The courts decided that brown was correct and revoked the law.

After Separate but equal ended blacks could now mix with whites in school. Many whites would not respond to this kindly so they began violence. Most of the violence though would be contained and stopped. Whites eventfully would become accustomed to the blacks and they would accept them into there society.

Now you have seen how Separate but Equal was a wrong and separatist ideal that was doomed to fall .