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Welcome to my music page. On this music page it shows through the expicit
lyrics and different gene you will find they all have a relationship to African American History.
This page contains a picture of the artist and the song that I thought relates to African American History.
Please enjoy this page.
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Tupac Amaru Shakur
Music title:Dear Mama
Musician Name:Tupac
Tupac Amaru Shakur

Genre:Rap & Hip Hop
Synopsis: This song is superb because it explains the love for his mother and the struggle they went through before he was a rapper. He also talks about how the struggle was hard because he had no dad and his mom was on drugs. Even through all those things that they went through never gave up. His mother was always there for him through the ruff times and he made this song to show his appreciation to her. The struggle he talks about in this song and how hard it was to keep food on the table. Also having no father made it hard so he had to get a job selling drugs to help his family relates to Africa American History

Music title
: Beauty only Skin Deep
Musician Name:The Temptation
From Left to right:Melvin,Eddie,David,Otis,and Paul

Genre: R&B
Synopsis: This relates to African American History because it has a call in response.
The call in response comes in when they say Beauty only skin deep.They respond with yay yay.


Music Title: Ghetto Story
Musician Name: Cham
Date: 2006
Genre: Jamaican Dancehall/ Reggae
Synopsis: This relates to African American History because it talks about the struggle of jamaica.
This struggle compares to the struggle of African American as heard in the above Tupac

Dameon Beckett Aka Cham