Hello welcome to my music profile. Here you will find music of different genres from the present past and overseas. Enjoy and listen!


Part: Any artist
Song: Jesus Walks
Artist: Kanye West
Genre: Rap

I am using this song for my ant artist any time section. I this song relates to african american history by it talking about the struggles of black people and praying asking god for help and guidance.

Artist: Selena27231_Selena-Quintanilla-Perez.jpg
Song: Dreaming Of You
Genre: Pop

Dreaming of You is like a typical African American song sung by an African American woman like Whitney Houston, Brandy, or even Beyoncé. Its about love and dreaming about her love.

Artist: James Brown
Song: Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)
Genre: Funk/Soul
Released: August 1968

In this song it is it related to African American history by being proud to be black. It also contains call and response